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From The Sound To Identify The Motor Failure
Edit: Wuxi Lanhai Electric Motor Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 11, 2017

From the sound to identify the Motor failure
     Teach you how to identify the Motor from the sound system failure:
    The Motor group in the course of the operation may be abnormal sound, most customers do not know this kind of sound is the machine failure alarm, hear the abnormal sound should immediately stop the use of the product, and quickly identify the cause. Taizhou Haifeng offers ten types of sound types that occur before the failure of the Motor group.
   Sound description of a: generator sets running in the cylinder block to hear the impact of the external sound, when the increase in speed this increase in sound;
   Diagnosis: Piston and cylinder liner gap is too large, then replace the piston or depending on the situation to replace the cylinder liner wear.
   Sound description two: the Motor is running, hear the crankshaft before and after the collision of the sound;
   Diagnosis: crankshaft front and rear thrust bearing wear, axial clearance is too large lead to crankshaft before and after the swimming, this time should check the axial clearance and thrust bearing wear, if necessary, replace
   Voice Description 3: generator sets running light and sharp sound, this sound is particularly clear at constant speed operation;
   Diagnosis: Piston pin and connecting rod small head bushing hole is too loose, this time should be replaced with a small rod bushing to make it within the provisions of the gap.
   Sound description four: running, in the crankcase to hear the impact of mechanical parts, suddenly reduce the Motor speed can hear a heavy and powerful impact;
   Diagnosis: connecting rod bearing wear to match the gap is too large, then the bearing should be demolished, if necessary, to replace.
   Sound Description 5: Cylinder head to hear the dry friction issued by the "creak" sound;
   Diagnosis: Rocker adjustment screw and putter between the spherical seat of inorganic oil, then should be removed cylinder head cover, add oil.
   Sound description 6: generator sets running abnormal noise failure analysis cylinder head heard rhythm of the larger sound;
   Diagnosis: into the exhaust valve clearance is too large, this time should be re-check the valve clearance
   Sound description of the seven: the front cover issued an abnormal sound, when the generator unit suddenly can be heard when the crash;
   Diagnosis: transmission gear wear, clearance is too large, this time should be adjusted backlash, depending on the wear and tear situation replacement gear
   Sound description 8: Motor group issued a special sharp or "Huo Huo" sound, increase the throttle when the sound is more clear;
   Diagnosis: crankshaft Rolling the main bearing radial clearance is too small or too large, then should check the sound of the rolling main bearing, if necessary, to replace.
   Sound description nine: the whole cylinder issued a rhythm of the slight percussion;
   Diagnosis: Motor valve spring break, tappet bending, putter sleeve wear, this time should check the diesel Motor parts and replace the damaged parts, and correct the valve clearance
   Sound description ten: the cylinder issued a rhythm of crisp metal percussion or low is not clear percussion;
   Diagnosis: generator unit injection time too early or too late, this time should adjust the fuel injection advance angle.
The Motor group also has the main standby spare, the main main Motor group, its generator output power in a short time can be overloaded 10% run, and standby Motor group, its generator output power is its maximum power, Can not overload operation, when you choose the Motor, but also to distinguish between the main and standby differences, to avoid the purchase of generating units fail to meet their own requirements, resulting in unnecessary trouble.